The edge Completes the Cloud

The Cloud has limitations that cannot be overcome without the Edge. YottaStor, utilizing their Patented Processes, builds Edge Solutions that overcome the limitations of centralized computing - bandwidth, latency, data privacy & autonomy. The Edge overcomes these limitations by moving the data and processing closer to the source of data generation. Computing Solutions must deliver along a continuum from core to edge and back to core. Cloud and Edge computing are complimentary, enterprises must capitalize on data and business insights by leveraging both models. Analytics will need to be at the edge for near real time feedback and to avoid the impact of latency and bandwidth. 

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From the Extreme Edge to the Cloud


Utilizing YottaStor’s Patented Process, data moves from the Extreme Edge to the Edge Cloud to the Cloud and back again. YottaStor’s Edge Solutions are integrated with the major public Clouds.

YottaStor Design Tenets 

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Capture & Store Data Once

Write data to disk once during its lifecycle. The accelerating velocity at which data is being created as well as the sheer magnitude of data being managed will overwhelm network capacity, rendering impractical any attempt to move data electronically.

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Process Data at the Edge

The only point in the architecture that an organization can affordably process data is during the ingest process. This requires co-locating processing and storage. Then users can create and capture the metadata required to access the data in the future.

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Eliminate RAID

The data durability requirement is actually greater than traditional storage environments. Using new approaches such as replication and erasure coding must be embraced to meet this requirement.

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Adopt Self-Healing,
Self-Replicating Technology

In order to reduce the cost/GB/month the technology must be self-healing and self-replicating. This capability will substantially reduce the number and cost of FTEs required to manage the storage system.

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Deploy a Federated
Global Namespace

Adopting namespace technologies that support billions of objects in a single namespace eliminates cost and support complexities.

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Design for ever-increasing Data Variety, Volume & Velocity

The storage system must demonstrate the ability to scale in 3 dimensions: Data types which will evolve and extend over time, the daily ingest requirement which will continue to increase, and the overall capacity of the storage system which will expand at accelerating rates.

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Automate Data Movement to
Less Expensive Storage

The storage system must continually migrate data to less expensive storage, letting customers lower their overall storage cost. The key metric for storing data becomes cost/GB/month for storing the data. Once this metric is developed for a specific organization, then the year-to-year planning process will focus on reducing this cost.

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Access through Web Services
(Ex. S3, REST API, Etc.)

This level of application abstraction is key to allowing the operational optimization of the storage cloud without impacting the application layer. One important benefit of this capability is the elimination of “location awareness” that applications must have in POSIX-compliant storage environments.

Working Together At The Edge 

YottaStor is combining its industry leadership and expertise delivering Purpose Built Edge Clouds with AWS’s new Outpost offering to provide the Industry's First Purpose Built AWS Outpost offerings. Combining YottaStor’s 10 Years of Edge Cloud expertise with AWS’s tranformational Outpost Hybrid Cloud is the perfect solution to support challenging workloads at the Edge in Geospatial, Bioinformatics and HPC Archive.

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Purpose Built Storage & Processing Node

YottaDrive is a purpose built large data object storage & processing node that utilizes our patented process. The YottaDrive supports billions of objects in a single global namespace, scales to Exabyte’s, delivers extreme network throughput, delivers high performance processing to meet the most demanding workloads, performs in connected & disconnected environments, is self-replicating and self-healing, is integrated with public cloud providers, provides end-to-end security and integrates existing encryption capabilities all below traditional cloud cost models.   

Multiple Connected YottaDrives
Become A YottaCloud

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As multiple YottaDrives are connected together via a high-speed IP spine and leaf network they form the YottaCloud, creating a single global namespace that can store hundreds of billions of objects, scales to multiple exabytes of capacity and delivers high performance processing for the most demanding workloads.

The YottaCloud provides an out-of-the-box data durability protection of 99.9995%. If a higher data durability protection scheme is required, the Extreme Data Durability option can provide a 99.999999995% protection factor.

Purpose Built Edge Infrastructure

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The YottaEdge Cloud delivers purpose built and optimized processing, storage and networking to meet the required mission. Each YottaEdge Cloud is built with all applications installed, optimized and utilizing YottaStor’s Patented Edge Processes. The YottaEdge Cloud utilizes advanced cyber security techniques not found in traditional data centers and operates in a connected, disconnected and degraded network environments. 

Deployed & Operational
in Weeks

The edge can be anywhere in the world. The YottaEdge Cloud is a fully operational purpose built system. When YottaEdge arrives all applications are installed, running, optimized and utilizing YottaStor’s Patented Edge Processes. The YottaEdge Cloud only requires a small team to deploy and can be managed remotely.

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The Edge, Driven By The Mission,
Not Devops

The Edge is part of an operational mission with specific requirements, it is not an environment where ongoing DevOps occurs. Built for the Mission, each YottaEdge Cloud; optimizes all applications, runs in the harshest environments, is extremely secure, works in connected and disconnected environments, provides high speed analytics, redundant everything and is self-healing. Built for the Mission.


The YottaEdge Cloud Delivers advanced,
self-contained cyber Security protection

The Edge is a new attack surface that does not benefit from traditional cyber Defense-in-Depth strategies. The Edge must be self-protecting using advanced techniques not found in traditional data center environments. The YottaEdge Cloud has security built-in, not bolted on.

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At The Extreme Edge

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YottaFuse is a portal sensor interface operating at the extreme edge. The YottaFuse captures, processes, analyzes, and transfers data back to the cloud infrastructure utilizing supercomputer-like IO and big data storage capacity in a small light-weight low-power package. As the sensor capture rates increase, the amount of data that must be stored and processed onboard the platform has grown dramatically requiring the processing and storage become part of the platform. 

Flexible Acquisition & Deployment Models

YottaStor offers a variety of models from capital acquisitions to utility based pricing. YottaStor solutions can be deployed at the extreme Edge in containers, in an enterprise data center, in ruggedized systems and in specialized rack and chassis configurations. YottaStor offers Environmental Kits for all of their solutions allowing you to deploy in the harshest environments.