About Us

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YottaStor, LLC, founded in 2011, was established through a cooperative effort to address the emerging market segment of large unstructured and machine-generated data. YottaStor understood that as the cost of the sensors reduced and the ingest size and rate increased the amount of data generated would reach Petabytes, Exabytes and even Zettabyte ranges. The laws of physics, the speed of light, meant that the amount of data being generated would eventually become too large to move. YottaStor understood that processing would eventually need to happen at the Edge, the place of data creation, and only some data would be sent back to the enterprise or cloud for additional insights. Today, the Edge is predicted to pass the Cloud in processing and data storage by 2022. YottaStor, through its Patented Edge Process, is the leader in Edge Cloud Solutions. 

Management Team 


Michael Dillard
CEO & President

William A. Cimino
Chief Programs Officer &
VP, Financial Management

Bob Carlson
Senior Technical Advisor

Thomas McInerney

Industry Partners