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3D Printing

YottaStor's YottaDrive for 3D Printing includes the high-performance storage, compute and cyber protections required to ensure that the critical 3D files are protected and secure from malicious and corporate espionage. The YottaDrive can be delivered to support any 3D printer technology. Finally, the configuration can be installed in Modular Data Center containers, mobile vans or traditional data center environments to meet the specific mission and operational requirements.

August 2018 – The Marine Corps System Command and Marines from the I Marine Expeditionary Force 3D printed a 500 square foot barracks.

According to Capt. Matthew Friedell “this exercise had never been done before…people have printed buildings and large structures, but they haven’t done it onsite and all at once. This is the first-in-the-world, onsite continuous concrete print.”

This is just one of hundreds of examples of 3D printing coming into its own as a critical Edge technology. The ability to print replacement parts at the operational Edge completely digitizes the supply chain.  3D printing at the edge reduces machinery downtime, delivers massive savings and increases the operational agility to operate anywhere in the world without worrying about supply chain logistics.

In a 2018 3D printing technology made great strides and due to the expected ongoing decline in the cost of adopting this technology market expectations are growing. According to Gartner Consulting:

  • By 2021, 20% of the world’s top 100 consumer goods companies will use 3D printing to create custom products – Gartner Blog Network 2018

  • By 2021, 20% of enterprises will establish internal startups to develop new 3D print-based products and services – Gartner Blog Network 2018

  • By 2021, 40% of manufacturing enterprises will establish 3D printing centers of excellence (COE) – Gartner Blog Network 2018

As 3D printing rapidly migrates to the edge ensuring that the 3D files are immutable and secure becomes a critical requirement. As 3D printing supports more complex machines and parts the amount of data that must travel to the Edge increases as well.


Provided As A “Fee-For-Service” 

The YottaCloud Service is a “Fee-For-Service” solution. It includes the YottaCloud Services, facility (as needed), and 24x7x365 operations and maintenance by qualified personnel. In addition, the service also includes the overall Service Management and Change Management processes required to maintain the system accreditation.