Purpose Built Storage & Processing Node

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YottaDrive is a purpose-built large data object storage node that utilizes our patented process. A YottaDrive is a new category of mass storage solution that delivers radically superior performance but at significantly lower cost than traditional enterprise storage. YottaDrive is optimized during manufacturing to support specific large data object types. This optimization ensures that the YottaDrive accurately extracts the object’s metadata and creates accurate search indexes. In addition, the optimization ensures that the appropriate data durability and object retention rules are established in the global namespace. Each YottaDrive is integrated with compute, storage and networking that runs applications at the Edge and utilizes machine learning and analytics. Each YottaDrive is delivered fully operational with multiple PB of Storage capacity. YottaDrive has world class security and has been accredited up to the TS/SCI level.

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YottaDrive Behind the Firewall

YottaDrive creates a behind-the-firewall storage system for huge amounts of data generated by sensors, data collectors, imaging systems, video systems, medical systems, analytics, and research.

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YottaDrive & Public Cloud

YottaDrive takes advantage of the same analytics and “application stacks” used in the public could, and can be connected directly to the cloud and made available to users on the cloud.

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Engineered for the mission

YottaDrive was engineered to make field operations easy, quick, and mission supportable.

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Hyper-Scale Data

Today’s data are so large that it is becoming impossible for a user to push all their data up to the cloud, so a combination of localized storage/processing at the unit level becomes the preferred solution of Hyper Scale data. YottaDrive has been explicitly developed by YottaStor and its partners for this application.

The YottaDrive Delivers Scale, Speed,
Operational Efficiency, Security & Reliability


  • Supports the ability for hundreds of billions of objects to be stored in a single customer global namespace. Each object has an internally generated unique ID assigned at ingest. Different, segregated global namespaces can be established for customers who require that their data assets are kept separate.

  • Allows customers to define object policy that supports their operational and mission requirements, and determine the object’s lifecycle management regimen.

  • Integrates into existing “data in motion” and “data at rest” encryption capabilities that the customer has already deployed, resulting in an end-to-end secure solution to meet any operational requirement.

  • Provides an out-of-the-box base data durability protection of 99.9995 with an Extreme Data Durability option providing 99.999999999995 protection factor.

YottaDrive Global Namespace

The YottaDrive creates a global namespace that has the ability to manage hundreds of billions of unique objects at a multi-exabyte storage capacity. Each object has an internally generated unique object ID assigned at ingest. Different, segregated global namespaces can be established for different data types to meet operational requirements. The YottaDrive provides an out-of-the-box REST API access service as well as industry-standard access protocols like SWIFT, S3, CIFS/NFS and Open Geospatial Consortium standards.

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Purpose Built
YottaDrive Solutions


Multiple Connected YottaDrives
Become a YottaCloud

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As multiple YottaDrives are connected together via a high-speed IP spine and leaf network they form the YottaCloud, creating a single global namespace that can store hundreds of billions of objects and scales to multiple exabytes of capacity.

The YottaCloud provides an out-of-the-box data durability protection of 99.9995%. If a higher data durability protection scheme is required, the Extreme Data Durability option can provide a 99.999999995% protection factor.