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YottaDrive for C4ISR is a Hypersonic C4I system designed for Information Dominance in a Multi-Dimensional Command and Control Environment. The future battlefield against a Peer or non-Peer Threat with or without massive Cyber Warfare must decentralize its decision making to the lowest levels for speedier execution especially with massive missile fields as a threat in the Middle East. C4I information must be disseminated to all Joint and Allied Forces in Real Time (RT) or Near Real Time (NRT) to get inside the Threat Decision Loop.

YottaDrive for C4ISR is a Purpose Built Edge Cloud that was designed specifically for this purpose to integrate all intelligence and friendly force C4I information in the Battle Space which means ingesting, storing and disseminating trillions of objects and displaying them on a Common Operational Picture (COP) from the Joint/Allied Force Headquarters to all units down to platoon, squadron and all ships. This then enables Air Tasking Orders of 1000 to 2000 sorties to be planned in 15 minutes which means different scheduling procedures, i.e., more ground and airborne alert and dynamic tasking. In summary YottaDrive for C4ISR compresses the Kill Chain!