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YottaStor's YottaDrive for ISR includes three (3) web-scale services to support geospatial data objects. These are Ingest, Search, and Content Dissemination deployed in a Global Namespace environment that can scale to exabytes of capacity.

Storage-as-a-Service starting at 2 PB per month with ingest, search, & dissemination.

The YottaDrive for ISR is based on Big Data YottaCloud services and is designed for the critical storage and analytical needs of the ISR community. It brings leading edge Internet technologies into a secure connected environment and makes those new capabilities and low costs available. Works with SIPRNet and JWICS networks.

Much like YouTube works in the commercial space, this technology allows analysts to search and retrieve classified and unclassified image data without any latency. Look at reconnaissance images, watch drone videos, share across secure networks, work in teams, and disseminate to fixed or mobile devices. Build in alerts, annotate, and use your best analytic tools. All at Cloud pricing.


  • Data stored online and available to anyone who has approved access

  • Service available within a few days of contract

  • Includes Google geospatial search; and, NGA approved metadata

  • All ISR data types and sensor platforms

  • Purchase on a Cloud Model

  • Available up to the TS/SCI level

  • Your data’s physical location is known to you at all times

  • Your data is not stored with other’s data giving you guaranteed pristine data 

  • Price points equal or below Amazon S3

  • REDHAT Secure OS

  • 2000 plus virtual core analytical platform

  • Ultra High Speed Comm Package included

YottaDrive for ISR Service Overview

YottaCloud Ingest Service - This service enables authorized users to ingest data into the YottaDrive Global Namespace. This Ingest Service is optimized for specific target data types and is regularly updated to incorporate new and modified industry standards. All data ingested into the YottaDrive Global Namespace can be accessed through the YottaDrive Search and Disseminate Services by any authorized user.

YottaCloud Search Service - This service allows authorized users to execute powerful searches and queries against the data stored in the YottaDrive Global Namespace.

YottaCloud Content Dissemination Service - This service allows authorized users to extract data from the YottaDrive Global Namespace using industry standards such as OGC Rest APIs and NIFTS data formats to bring the object back to their operational systems for further processing.

YottaDrive Global Namespace Scalability - The  ability to scale the Global Namespace storage capacity without any disruption to the YottaCloud Services. As additional storage capacity is added to the Global Namespace, this new capacity is immediately available to the YottaCloud Services.

YottaCloud Service Facility – Fully hosted and accredited; can adapt to existing facility environments - both unclassified and classified.

Provided As A “Fee-For-Service” 

The YottaCloud Service is a “Fee-For-Service” solution. It includes the YottaCloud Services, facility (as needed), and 24x7x365 operations and maintenance by qualified personnel. In addition, the service also includes the overall Service Management and Change Management processes required to maintain the system accreditation.

Analytic Agnostic

The YottaCloud Service was developed as an analytically agnostic platform. The architecture design is to allow individual customers to deploy the appropriate analytical stack to meet their mission requirements. This analytical stack will access the global namespace using industry standard RestAPI services. The design is to store the large objects only once and allow application functions to access and consume only the required objects to achieve the required outcome.

Available on GSA & NASA SEWP V

The YottaCloud Service is available on the GSA Schedule through ESCgov 
(Contract GS-35F-0363P)

The YottaCloud Service is available on NASA SEWP V through Alliance Technology Group.