By 2022
more than 50% of all processing
will be done outside the Enterprise or the Cloud

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What is the Edge?

The Edge is driven by billions of remote nodes, sensors. Each sensor can have their own compute power and interact with the environment around them. They can perform analytics and can learn from other connected devices, this can all be done locally. Following YottaStor’s Patented Edge Process, analytical results can be sent back to the cloud for further processing with new insights being sent back out to the sensors, machine-to-machine learning & artificial intelligence.

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The Internet of things utilizes Edge architectures to enable distributed instantaneous interaction creating new business opportunities.

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Cost Effective

Enterprises can cut WAN cost by 50% by utilizing Edge topologies while improving the user experience & reliability.

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As billions of sensors create more and more data at the Edge we begin to run into the limits of physics, the speed of light. The Edge allows the Enterprise to expand its reach by providing Cloud based applications the ability to integrate with Edge Cloud devices enabling new possibilities.

Applications are Moving to the Edge at a Rapid Pace, the Cloud can Not Meet the Demands.

  • Data Volume is Exceeding Network Bandwidth

  • Applications Need to work in Disconnected Operations

  • Applications Need Real-Time Interaction

  • Security and Privacy are Distributed

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Edge computing does not compete with the cloud, it completes it. The decentralized Edge works in conjunction with the centralized Cloud or Enterprise. Utilizing YottaStor’s Patented Edge Process, data can be created, stored, analyzed at the edge with insights being sent back to the Enterprise or Cloud for further processing. Data learned from the centralized site can be sent back out to the Edge for further learning.