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Based on the YottaDrive and YottaStor’s Patented Edge Process, the Expeditionary is the State of the Art mobile containerized large data storage designed for deployment at the edge in support of the analysts on the ground, and linked back simultaneously to CONUS. Multiple locations can be connected to the same data at once. Works with all types of drone and reconnaissance data. Can be purchased as a cloud service or as an asset.



  • Based on the patented YottaDrive Architecture

  • Includes Ingest, Search, Dissemination

  • Includes geospatial foundation with leading analytics

  • Starts at 10 PB per month

  • Uses DoD approved 20 and 40 foot containers; air cooled; and delivered with or without support generators

  • Complete Security and Managed packages

  • Priced at Internet commercial pricing

  • Available within 12 weeks of contract

  • Redhat Secure Operating System

  • 2000 plus virtual cores for ultimate analytics complete platform

  • Additional analytics packages available