YottaDrive for ISR - DoD

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YottaDrive for ISR is one of the most advanced cloud “Edge” projects ever performed by the US Government and is applicable to other government agencies and commercial entities where huge amounts of data are ingested, stored, searched, and communicated across an internal network or across the web. The YottaDrive engine is the heart of this purpose built solution which was deployed in a 20-foot container; has five Petabytes of storage; contains over two thousand virtual cores; uses extremely high-speed interconnects; deploys unique search engines; has an analytical stack; and, utilizes special customer unique analytics. This system can run Azure stacks and connect to other cloud infrastructures including AWS.

  • The YottaDrive for ISR commercial service has been successfully deployed, as a complete Mobile Data Center (MDC) solution.

  • The YottaDrive capability is delivered through a proven manufacturing process that delivered the operational system in 52 business days from start of manufacturing to customer acceptance.

  • The YottaDrive security architecture has been accredited twice under the ICD-503 RMF at the secret enclave level.

  • The YottaDrive implements a proven, highly-available, redundant architecture that has allowed the system to operate, uninterrupted in an active war zone since February 2017 with zero “boots on ground” providing IT support.

  • The YottaDrive has 30 SLAs with identified metrics and service level penalties that were part of the contract.

  • The YottaDrive is delivered with a full set of documentation including Startup/Shut Down procedures, System Security Plan, Security Test Plan, Operations and Maintenance Manual and Configuration Guide.

  • Awaiting government approval, this solution can connect to a commercially provided cloud solution including those approved under the C2S and the future JEDI contracts.

The project unit entered full production in March 2017 and since this time has operated without any downtime. The YottaDrive supports an intensive HPC workload. Since March 2017, the YottaDrive for ISR has ingested over 3.0 PBs of WAMI sensor imagery and extracted millions of movers and tracks with applications fusing both the WAMI and tracks with external DOD databases providing a single, integrated view of the information to intelligence analysts.

YottaDrive for ISR was specifically deployed to operate as a “lights-out”, cloud operation. All support and software upgrades are performed over the network requiring “zero IT support personnel boots on ground” to support the system. Since April 2017, we have performed numerous software upgrades and configuration optimization changes to the system over the network. In addition, as part of the commercial service, we are responsible for making all required security updates to maintain the ATO security posture. All maintenance activities are performed over the network leveraging the Privilege User Access Subsystem. This capability allows a centralized team to deploy new software and algorithms to any deployed YottaDrive at any location.